Photographer Hollander Maui shoots abstract, impressionistic photos that are out of focus by design. His style is called FOCUSO.

Filmed May 2013 as part of the Art Crawl in Hamilton Ontario.

My Fare Lady

Second place winner - 2015 Burlington 48 Hour Film Challenge. A short film made in 47 hours and 56 minutes by a three person team: Director: Darryl Gold - Original Music: Joe Bochek - Starring: Alexis Hancey An actress is leaving town to find a better life. End song "My Coral Sea" by Royal Seas - 48 Hour Challenge Required elements included: Theme: New beginnings Object: Toilet plunger Wardrobe: Goggles Line: "Do you think it can fly?" A Burlington landmark

Attack of the Fifty Foot GOO-Man

B-movie Science Fiction made for the 2012 Lo-fi Sci-Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge

Behind The Camera

"Behind The Camera" is a mockumentary about a Russian photographer from the turn of the century who became famous without ever using a camera.

Winner of the Best Comedy Award at the 2011 Hamilton Film Festival.

Death Star Repaimen

Death Star Repairmen is a featurette about two Imperial handymen who fix things on a certain very large Imperial Battle Station. A routine repair job is interrupted when the Space Station is attacked by Rebel Forces. Our duo wants to drop everything and blast some rebels. Unfortunately, they are not allowed - they must continue with the job at hand while all hell breaks loose around them...

High Tech Noon

A cyborg sheriff must face a killer android at high noon even when all his friends have abandoned him.

Darryl Gold Directors Reel 2007